Do you have wonderful relationships?

Then you don't need us.

If, however, your relationships could use a little help, you've come to the right place.


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It's great when you're getting along.  

What happens when you don't?  Do you resort more to your vulnerability or your defenses?  

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Hi! We are three psychologists


We have a LOT of experience helping people with their relationships.  We know some good "stuff".  


About Us

Would you like to know why you:

  • Can't resolve arguments?
  • Stay in relationships past their expiration date?
  • Like “the chase” better than “the getting?”
  • Get attached to others really quickly- too quickly?  
  • Shut down your feelings?
  • Get defensive and argumentative?
  • Struggle to set boundaries?  
  • Can’t leave one relationship without having another one at the ready? 

If so, join us in a series of three, fascinating, fast-paced classes that get to the very heart of these questions. 

Look at these questions through our lens as therapists.  We don’t view these issues as personal weaknesses or genetic legacies.  We see them as signs of your brain “doing you” - repeating a pattern of habit “loops”, emotional habit loops.  And yes, that’s a thing. 

Changing these habitual loops is possible.  BUT, to do so, you need to know some of the same “stuff” that we know. 

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Couples in Conflict

Why Aren't You Listening?

Why do arguments start and why do they escalate? Why can't couples listen to each other and resolve conflicts?  What's getting in the way?  Find out in this engaging, live-action class.

What's You're Arguing Style?

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Your 3-Part Personality

Who is Listening?

You go through life, just doing what you do, and probably don’t give it much thought. You think, “Oh, it just me being me”.  

But this isn’t really the case.   

On one level it is just you being you, but on a different level - the level that leads to change - you are not a singular “you”.  Take this course and find out how "doing you” is really a 3-part job, and you don't always know which part is listening.

Meet You're Three Part Self:  Who Are You?

Coming 2023

Your Defenses: Friend or Foe?

How Are You Listening?

What does shutting down, people pleasing, or being controlling all have in common?  They are all defensive strategies. In this eye-opening, fascinating class, learn how your defenses change how you listen. Find out how to lower your protective guard, so you can have more genuine, connected relationships. 

What defenses do you use? 

Coming 2023

What People Are Saying

"This opened my eyes to how I was making conflicts worse, not better.  It makes so much sense.  Thank you.

Jeff R

"I saw myself so much in these videos! I saw my husband too. It's like you took a camera and videoed our fights. I can't wait to have him watch this. I get it.  I get it.

Sarah D

"This is the most helpful information I have ever received, and I have been in therapy for years.

Lisa A

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